Oil, Ghee, Car shampoo Packing Machine

GS-200 laminated, Side Seal, GDC Control
and Display
Capacity : 50ml to 200ml
Speed 20 to 30 Pouches per minutes


Input Supply 415V AC, 50Hz 3 Phase,
4 Wire, Connected Load: 4KW
APPLICATIONS : Edible Oil, Ghee, Vanaspati, Lubrication Oils,
Paint and Varnishes, Fruit Pulps, Car Shampoo, etc.
» Contact Parts are made of Food Grade /Materials.
>> Operator Friendly.
>> Higher Accuracy and consistency.
> Quantity can be adjusted according to the needs.
>> Fully Automatic Machine incorporated with GDC Control and Display.
1) Photocell and Batch coding 2) Servo Stabilizer 5KVA
3) Air Compressor 2HP (If Batch Cutting needed)

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