We understand the importance of innovation and professionalism

Abhilash Industries is one of the leading manufacturer of Packing Machines in India.

Our Company is based at Industrial Development Plot, South Kalamassery, Ernakulam, Kochi, Kerala – 683 104.

Since 1994, we are in the field of manufacturing AFFS Machines on varying capacities. Ever since its inception, we are holding a substantial share of our machines supplied in the state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu

our valued customers are almost having more than one machine. Besides, we have customers in U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Algeria- Africa region.


Until 2010 the Brand name of our product was GEMPAC subsequently with a view to upgrading the quality and financial experience of the machines to be in a more sophisticated manner by in-corporating most trending features of the latest versions of
mechatronics advance. We re-branded the old brand name into “GEMSEAL” to project its excellence. Quality-wise GEMSEAL Machines stands second to none.
ABHILASH INDUSTRIES own a team of well-qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians having around experience varying from 3 to 27 years with strong commitment to fully cater to the specific requirements and after-sales service to each and every customer.


Quality, Automation and Innovation

We are always very much concerned about the quality of the product that we deliver. Our machinery is using the latest state of art technologies with less human intervention.







We stay current with the latest innovations and technologies

We have a wide variety of machines within our client’s budgets and we have delivered it on time without sacrificing quality and workmanship. We work with you on all of your packaging machinery requirements. We keep you up to date on the latest technologies we have a specialized R&D team.

24/7 Service

We will provide support 24/7 because we know the loss going to happen due to a fault in the machine.

Choose Right Machine

Good Packaging machine increases production, saves clients time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Value to the

Clients choose us because we deliver great value,

without question.


What our customers are saying about us

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